From the recording PineappleMan Hawaii

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All words, music, vocals, instruments, production by Ricky Hana


Hot summer holiday, livin' my Hawaiian way
Sun tanned, oiled bodies on da beach in da summa sun

Canoes Taylor surfing Cali girl accosted
Kepoikai II Johnny brah got busted,
Goodnite ladies, I'm going to a party tonight.

Summer Waikiki
Summer Waikiki

Kapono on the patio, dancin' girls a teasin'
My Shakabrah Surfboards and Kalakaua fever
Smokers in the alley, Blakey-brah bartending
G-string divas, tourists all relax
I'm jumping off the wall, I got my ukulele tonight.

Summer Waikiki
Summer Waikiki


South shore burning in my soul
Errnight and errday
Gonna live the rest of my life....

Summer Waikiki
Summer Waikiki
Summer Waikiki